About us

BOMINWELL ROBOTICS is a specialized robot and solution supplier, which is jointly set up by Overseas returnees, KONGQUE project and senior R & D personnel in the robotics industry.

It dedicated to the research and development of special robots, design and production, focusing on the realization of "big data information+professional service+robot technology" to meet the needs of different customers. At present, we have successfully developed and manufactured many types of pipe inspection robots, including wheeled military reconnaissance robots, crawler bomb disposal robots, and underground pipeline trajectory inertial navigation mapping robots and pipe cloud platforms, etc. we provide professional services in our country's urban security and intelligent management.

Bominwell has passed the ISO 9001-2008 International Quality Management assessment and acquired more than 40 national registered patents. Meanwhile some products have been granted certifications of FCC, CE and explosion protection assessment.

“Defense of urban security with robots”is the slogen in Bominwell. The Mission of Bominwell is: making municipal service works become intelligentized, and providing more Public security to city.