Defense of  urban security with robots

We dedicated to the development of specialized robots to meet the needs of different costomers. And we offer professional services in urban public safety, underwater detection and industry intelligence management. Bominwell always has the excellence attitude to provide customers with special robotics industry. We believe "made in Shenzhen, made in China" will be presented to the international stage and we will continue to move forward for next goal.

Optimus(explosive ordnance disposal robot)

Bominwell's explosive ordnance disposal robot Optimus, to our independent research and development of small and medium-sized high-performance heavy-duty crawler chassis-based platform,Through the integration of high sensitivity, high-definition cameras, wireless communications, electronic control, intelligent algorithms, waterproof, explosion-proof technology and other fields in a high-tech.

Track and wheel structure design of the chassis, with a strong obstacle clearance capacity; Advanced wireless communication technology, to achieve the data and image of dual-mode funny transmission; Playing in the modular mechanical arm, multi-degree of freedom to achieve grasp and rotation and other functions; Equipped with high-definition camera, the scene of the dangerous video and image capture, a quick understanding of the scene.

Optimus can replace the special police officers clear the removal of dangerous explosives, mainly used in anti-terrorism, security, disaster relief, biochemical exploration and other dangerous scenes, to ensure the safety of life and property。

Poseidon  (fire-fighting robot)

Fire-fighting robot Poseidon using self-developed medium-sized high-performance heavy-duty crawler chassis. Christie + Matilda four wheel balanced suspension, 75% grounding ratio track, ensure Poseidon outstanding load performance. It can drag two fire hose to the target area. With the integration of high-performance fire cannons, high-definition cameras, gas detectors etc, by use of advanced wireless communication technology, Poseidon can replace firefighters into flammable, toxic, hypoxia, smoke and other dangerous scene, to achieve fire scene detection and Fire fighting function, the maximum reduction of secondary disasters.

Replaceable fire cannon platform

Unified interface. According to your demand you can equip with a variety of fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting, Fume extractor and so on.

Water curtain cooling system

Spray water spray on the robot body to protect the robot from high temperature effects.

High performance chassis

Independent suspension structure, high ground attach track, across obstacles such as flat.

Ges surveillance platform

Real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, flammable gas and poisonous gas in the fire site ensures the safety of the person.

Video surveillance platform

Real-time transmission of live images for fire control

Umbrell (Emergency Rescue Robot)

As a Emergency Rescue Robot, Umbrella has powerful off-road capability. Thanks to its great damping track structure, it can move smooth, steady in high speed. Therefore loads on robot can work stability and lasting. Umbrella provides easy-to-use mechanical and electrical interface, developers can add third-part devices for it. We also provide extension modules for Umbrella. Adding our multifunctional manipulator, customer could use it for obstacle clearance, object grasping and so on. When carrying life-detection-module, it could search survivors in ashes and fireground. Replacing with Infrared HD camera module, it could help customer to explore inside building or ruins.

Customized development

◆ Equip with customizable multifunctional manipulator(Hands could be replaced by screw ,probe or RESQME etc.).

◆ HD PTZ, Infrared HD camera or Life Detection module is available. Easy to mount and use.

◆ Super power matching, powerful driving force, maximum load twice times the body weight

◆ Professional and Stability low-frequency P2P communication. In sure of high real-time video quality and stability control, robot have a long-range communication.

◆ With exclusive MMPS technical patent,  Umbrella could move or climb flexibility.